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For quite some time I wanted to turn many of my tattoo designs into fine art prints that were available for my fans.  My work is my passion every minute of the day and even when I complete a tattoo for a client, I want the art of it to continue onward and evolve to the next level.

So in 2014 I joined forces with my friend t.a.d.pole, a designer, printmaking fool & mixed media artist, to forge a seamless collaboration of creative teamwork. Our vision together has been one of taking my tattoo designs and putting them into a brand new environment - lifted off of the skin and remixed with a contemporary, graphic, & street art twist. These creations have become our joint venture, RemixIT Design.

We currently have three lines of work which includes our brand-new large format collection. All of our prints are true fine art pieces, printed on high-quality art paper, using archival inks. Each of them are signed then embossed with our logo which is the mark of authenticity that you are getting an original work of art from RemixIT Design. 

We will continue to put out new work in the coming months as well as running specials and promotions, so check in with us often to see what comes out of the studio next!
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