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In 2012, Ivana published Narcissistic Rockstar, a vibrant book of her tattoos and artwork. Get a comprehensive look at her crazy world in this 120 page, full-color volume loaded with 100+ photos of her world renowned tattoo work. It may be purchased directly from the publisher in hardcover format or as a digital download for your iPad or iPhone. BUY NOW
Narcissistic Rockstar by ivanatattooart
In addition to gift vouchers for my art prints, I also have gift vouchers available for tattoo sessions.  These have no an expiration date. 

However, they are non-refundable. Prior to purchasing, please email me first so that we can clarify how the voucher will be used for the gift recipient who will be getting tattooed.

Payment goes through PayPal and I can accept most major credit cards.
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